Worth a 1,000 words, give or take a few...


raw dreams and disappointments

sprawl on kneeling porches,
sightless windows stare,
doors lead everywhere
and no place,

hoary trees groan
under their years,

life moves toward rest.



Pearly Springs corn crib
abandoned homesite
Newton County, Arkansas

Boxley Valley, a barely accessible Ozark hollow, lay silent until after World War II. Home mail delivery, rural electricity and county maintained roads spider-web the land and changed the people. Once a homestead necessity, the work mule no longer strains and sweats on hardscrabble farms. Still, for the time being, a few folk keep alive the flesh-and-blood caretaking of the old ways.

Hubert Ferguson, Boxley Valley resident, with Jack, Buffalo River, 2005

Linking time and space and maybe, people?

Early morning fog on the Marine Coastal Highway,
Alaska from the ferry MV/Malaspina. 2013.

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